Naruto End Theme 9 – Nakushita Kotoba

The Naruto anime series is one of the best, and should be considered a classic. Of course, its theme songs are also up to par. There are a few songs that I especially like from the anime. I like Naruto and its theme songs so much that I’m arranging some of them on the piano as a tribute to all the wonderful people behind the Naruto project. This is actually my second Naruto theme song arrangement. The first one I did is Naruto Shippuden End Theme 2 – Michi~To You All.

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My Play by Ear Process

I’ve seen some talented piano players play by ear on YouTube. Then, there are many more who comment on those videos and ask how they do it. There are different ways to play a song by ear or arrange it with more care. But here is a simple way to do it. First, you play the melody. Just like the time when you might have needed to perform a melody playback for your piano ear test. Then, you add the left hand.
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